EOL Asset DB – Reminders

The IT Assets Database was replaced by the IT Admins CMDB and is EOL / End of Life, no further development will be done on this project.

Reminders can be used to show only up in the main menu, but their main intend is to actually send out emails what is accomplished by the roaming code execution.

Remind me on date/time can be set on a certain date or on a date and time, meaning the remind on field can handle both but Microsoft Access will show you only a date select, if you want a date and time you will need to manually add the time after you selected the date.

If you do not specify the sender email address, the value from the Sys Config will will be the fall back value that is going to be used instead.

The CC Helpdesk address is as well specified in the Sys Config table.

You can automatically re-schedule the reminders on defined intervals. This is based on a table and fixed intervals. As of now, there is now day of the week or 3rd weekend of the month implementation, if you would need that, just adjust the code to accomplish this.

Finally there is a emailed checkbox. If this box is set, no email will be send out – by default it remains unchecked till a email was send out.

Data field and reference overview

  • Finished / Completed
    • if set – the system will ignore this reminder
  • remind on date
    • you can chose just a date or set a date and time in this field
  • re-schedule
    • defined in a sub-table – defaults like yearly, monthly, weekly, etc. are pre-set – additional entries could be made directly in the table
  • assignee
  • sender email
  • cc additional recipients – comma separated
  • cc helpdesk 
  • automatically set as finished after email was send
  • subject line / title
  • details / body
  • SCR respective Ticket-Reference
  • emailed – if unchecked before finished is checked and the remind on date/time has passed a new email will be send – if checked no email will be send at all
    • systems sets this as well once the email was send