IT-Admins Tool – Configuration

By default the current Windows user and the Computer Domain will be used to connect to Active Directory. If you chose to execute as a different user, this will as well influence this.

You are able to change the Domain, Domain-Controller as well – while the program by default will just set the Domain-Name in those fields, therefor let Windows decide which Domain-Controller to chose.

It is not necessary to type in your password, unless you want to use a specific user to connect to the Domain. Neither do you need to click on Initiate Connection – unless you want to test the connection or instruct the Tool to search Users/Groups/Computer and Contacts only underneath a specific OU in your Active Directory.

Initiate connection will read all OUs from Active Directory and show them to you in the tree view

control to the right. If you click on any OU, the Distinguished Path will be shown in the text box above the tree view control. This allows you to quickly copy and DN if you need it, but mainly will it set a filter for any reading actions underneath Users/Groups/Computers and Contacts.

The filtering will not have any influence on the NTFS ACL, long paths, directory compare or search functionality. This will always read any Users/Groups.

On the left you might see an expiration date of the IT Admins Tool. This will force you to download a newer version of the tool after the shown date. Due to the fact that the IT Admins Tool will not need any Internet connection to avoid any suspicious behavior while using it in your Active Directory environment, this will make sure you use the most current version. There is no online-version check implemented that would actively inform you about Software updates.