ITAM – Notes

Notes are limitless information that you can attach to about any CMDB entry. They are a great way to document some background information or further details that might be vital down the road.

In the Notes module itself, you can only write clear test, but if you copy/paste from e.g., Microsoft Word or Microsoft Outlook the formatting and even pictures will be copied over.

Keep in mind that especially pictures will over time fill up the database quickly and increase the size of it.

The IT Assets Management Database has at this point not WYSIWYG editor implemented; this can change at a later point.

Within the research module, you can actually research the clear text version of all notes, helping you to find information you are looking for later on.

Available fields and references

  • Note
  • Related Foreign ID
  • Related Foreign Entry Type
  • Created on and by
  • Last edited on and by
  • Record history