ITAM – Reminders

Recurring tasks, single reminders to do something specific in the future – this and much more is what reminders are there for.

Reminders can send out email – for this you need to install and configure the CMDB service.

You don’t have to use email for reminders, you can just let them appear on the main page of the application user.

Other then most modules, reminders are missing the Notes reference. Even TAGs are complicated here. It is unclear if this will change in a future version of the IT Assets Management Database / CMDB.

Available fields and references

  • Finished
    • check if you want to remove this reminder
  • Assigned User – application user
  • CC Additional
    • comma separated list of email addresses
  • Title
    • used also as subject line for emails
  • Details
    • used also as TEXT body for emails
  • Remind On – due date
  • Sender Email
    • define the FROM address for this email
    • use e.g., a specific department manager to create tickets automatically on their behalf
    • if not set, the system will fall back to a default address defined in settings
  • Reminder Schedule
    • defined re-schedule to automatically create a duplicate of this entry in the future depending on the configuration
    • this can be adjusted in settings
  • Auto set to Finished
    • if checked, this reminder will automatically set the FINISHED field once it hit its due date
    • useful if you automatically create a new entry and don’t need anyone to manually close this entry
  • CC Helpdesk
    • check this to automatically send this to a defined helpdesk email address
    • address does not need to be entered in the CC field
    • the helpdesk address can be defined in settings
  • Ticket Nr
    • reference a ticket number here if applicable
  • Emailed
    • if this box is checked, the email was sent
    • if you check this box but the reminder would be in the future, no email will be sent, in other words, this prevents the system to send an email and the Reminder would only appear in the application users main page, assuming it does not auto set to finish, what would kind of make it invisible.
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