ITAM – Purchases

Purchases are there to help you track any purchases you are doing. It helps you to track what line items you got in and where the purchase might belong.

Of course, in many companies you might also need to engage the ERP system like JDE / Oracle or SAP and others to process your purchases in a proper purchase request and purchase order process with approval workflows. However, this often can be challenging, as you need various information at hand like department numbers, GL accounts and even budget IDs as well as vendor numbers. The whole application can help you with that a lot, besides the independent purchase tracking and relating them back to an asset.

Relate any related quotes and other supporting files. It is highly recommended to define a folder that any user of the module can reach and save the files needed there and related them in the purchase record. Files are NOT stored in the database, as this would blow up the size of the SQL database quickly and unnecessary.

The header of the purchase request can also be minimized and maximized, to make it easier for you to enter and edit positions respective line items.

PO linked assets can be opened directly double click. The linking is not fixed to the purchase record, you actually fill in a free text PO number in the target asset. This is due to historic reasons and remains like this to avoid any wrong references. Due to this you also can mention unknown PO numbers in the target assets for your internal documentation and reference. A matching number will automatically be referenced in the purchase.

Available fields and references

  • Date Requested
  • Charge to Department – can you the department code if available
  • Vendor – can show the vendor number if available
  • Requestor – can show the related department code if available
  • Approver and approved date
  • Notes
  • Purchase Request / PR number
  • Purchase Order / PO number
  • PR to PO date
  • PO to vendor date
  • CER respective budget ID
  • GL account / General Ledger
  • Credit Card used?
  • Purchase Status
  • Ticket Nr
  • Project related
  • Expense related
  • various files for quote and other supporting files, up to four files
  • Line Items
    • Part Number
    • Item
    • Quantity
    • Cost per Unit
    • Total cost
    • Item status
    • Tracking Nr. – incl. a clickable button to open web-tracking
    • Received date
    • Notes
  • PO linked assets – double click the items to open them right away
  • Incidents
  • TAGs
  • Notes
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