ITAM – DNS Entries and Zones

DNS Entries and DNS Zones are two separate modules. First you should create your DNS Zone and then attach DNS Entries to it. DNS Zones are nothing else then Domain Names – you might want to differentiate between internally hosted and externally hosted DNS Zones. They can have the same name; it might be wise to add a reference regarding if this is the externally hosted version of the zone or the internally hosted

External entries point normally to your public web site and mail systems. Internal entries might re-route requests from internal clients to specific internal systems. It is the same DNS Zone but different destinations from internal and external.

DNS Zones

Create a DNS Zone, as mentioned before, I recommend mentioning if it is internal or external in case you use this – you can change this later as well. Define who is the DNS Zone Hoster and if there is, the related Expense.

Available fields and references

  • Zone Friendly Name
  • Zone Name
  • Zone Hoster
  • Expense
  • Zone Description
  • DNS entries – references entries once entered
  • TAGs
  • Notes
  • Created on and by
  • Last edited on and by
  • Record history

DNS Entries

Once you created your DNS Zones, you can start adding DNS entries. These will document the actual purpose of the DNS entry and it’s target value. If needed, you can directly relate Servers, Infrastructure Assets and IP Addresses.

This will also help you while managing or e.g., replacing servers, you will see right away which DNS entries will be affected and how it all relates together.

Available fields and references