ITAM – Printers

The printer’s module depends on the less common modules printer models and supplies. Make sure you go to printer models first and it is highly recommended to put in printer supplies like toner cartridges, empty toner container and staples as well.

Asset Labels are available for print out to tape to a printer on the shelf. This helps to quickly identify the device, it’s purpose and basic information while sitting on a shelf.

Supply overview

The supply info will be shown right away here so you can quickly go to the right shelf and grab what you need instead of looking around what supply might fit to the printer in demand, what can be an incredible help. Of course, it is to recommend that you do a regular toner inventory as well to make sure you supplies don’t run out.

Print volume graph

If the printer model has SNMP OIDs configured and you use the SNMP configuration in settings as well as provide an SNMP community in the printer, the service will actually try to collect page reader counts from the printer regularly and you will be able to show graphs of the printer’s usage. This proofed to be vital information especially for the smaller personal devices and arguing why they aren’t even needed in certain areas or why a bigger device might be needed and then why a bigger device might be underused and be better off in another area etc… a graphic works way better than the best verbal or written argument – it supports it and is visual what makes a huge difference in these situations. Also, to negotiate contracts or looking for cheaper alternatives, as you have real data and pretty in deep overview of what is going on.

Available fields and references