TAGs are a vital part of the whole IT Assets Management Database and CMDB as they help to group and relate systems, assets and entries of various kinds together so you can see the bigger picture.

You can create as many TAGs and relate as many of them as you want per asset database entry as you want. About every entry type in the whole CMDB allows you to add TAGs.

Going to the TAGs module, you can actually see where these TAGs are used – helping you to quickly gain overview of what belongs together for this TAGs purpose, for example – a ERP system has a database, a front-end server, a back-end server, a webserver, DNS entries, Software, expenses, vendors, purchases, tracked issues or incidents and so on. To see the whole picture, you just TAG is all together under a TAG like “ERP system”.

Available fields and references

  • Active – yes/no
  • TAG
  • Description
  • Use by – various to about all other types of CMDB entries
  • Notes
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