Backup and Restore

The IT Search application is not much more then a very simple web application that will be hosted on an IIS and therefor be placed in a directory that you specified. Most of it is simple ASP.NET code or in other words a fixed part of the application.

Having said this, there are two directories that can exist and hold data within the root directory of the deployed web site:


This eventually means that you only need to backup the file \App_Data\sqlconfig.db as a bare minimum. This file should be rather small and compressible. The rest of the web application is available as a download on this website and the logo you should have somewhere else, since it is your file.

Of course – there is nothing wrong with backing up the entire server and directory structure.


Assuming you only backed up the file \App_Data\sqlconfig.db you now would need to install the whole application in IIS again and get up and running. Now you can simply stop the application pool and replace the \App_Data\sqlconfig.db file. After that, start the application pool again and you old configuration will be re-applied.

The same principle works if you made changes and want to undo them – you would need to copy the \App_Data\sqlconfig.db file before you make changes and if you want to undo them you simply replace it with the previously copied file. The best way to do this is while you stop the application pool the web site is using to avoid that the file is open and in use.