Printer Management EOL – Executing the script

The VBScript is what you will need to run per user on the client side. There are four possible ways to accomplish this:

  1. run it manually
    1. good old fashioned run it manually – this will work and is good for testing, but not really efficient
    2. TIP: to debug changes, run it per “cscript ITPrinterMangement.vbs” from a command line – this will give you a better output then a simple double click
  2. LoginScript per Active Directory Users and Groups
    1. use it as an LoginScript or start it from another existing LoginScript
  3. GPO – Logon script
    1. create a GPO and go to:
      1. User Configuration \ Policies \ Windows Settings \ Scripts \ Logon
      2. put the script there
        1. you might wanna copy/paste the script directly to the policy scripts folder as well so it replicates throughout all DCs now and in future
  4. GPO – Scheduled Task
    1. you could create a scheduled task that executes as the user – like every 2 hours
    2. don’t forget to put the script either in an accessible central location or copy it per GPO to the end-user system

Running it manually is not really effective. Better is to run it per LoginScript weather in the GPO or Active Directory user object.

Creating a GPO that creates a scheduled task that executes as the user is the most aggressive way to change the printers – it would work and there can be a need for it – but it can also theoretically interfere with a user session – try it if you think you need it.