IT-Admins Tool – Domain Computers

This will read the Domain-Computers from you Active-Directory, based on the LDAP-Filter you might have set on the Configuration-Tab.

To read the computers from Active-Directory click on . While the reading is in process, you can still use the application and execute other tasks.

Only 1st Level information

Select  to read only direct group-memberships. This will increase the reading-speed but show you less information like sub-groups or hierarchy information.


Click on either “Export Computer-List” or “Export Computer and Groups” to export the currently shown data.

Export Computer List

This will only export the columns and rows shown in the table into a .CSV file including the column headers.

Export Computer and Groups

This will export columns and rows shown in the table into a .CSV file, additionally it will add columns at the end to export 1st Level group-membership Information. Those will be repeated in the export till all of them are exported.

XML Export

This will generate a structured .XML file that will export all levels of available group-membership Information. The .XML file is more complex than a regular .CSV export and is easier to process in other applications.

Detail information for the selected row



Shows you in which groups and sub-groups the selected user is a member of. The according information will be shown in a tree-view.

Additional Details

Please see the following pictures to get an idea of what is shown in the additional details.