EOL Asset DB – Purchases

The IT Assets Database was replaced by the IT Admins CMDB and is EOL / End of Life, no further development will be done on this project.

Many IT departments need to purchase a lot of equipment, software and parts for their company. Those partly need to be approved by the department manager the purchase eventually will be charged too. Further is it important to keep track of all ongoing request and even more all ongoing orders and if this stuff was received or not.

To help you with this task, the purchases module was introduced. It will allow you to add purchases with many details and various statuses. Further can and should you track each item that should be received and have who ever picked it up from the warehouse mark it off as received as well.

All ongoing purchases will show up in the main menu. The sub-tables for the status have a flag that determines if it shows up in the main menu or not (finished/received flag).

You can related purchases to expenses and projects as well.

Each item on a purchase will cause a list-entry in the table in this module. This allows you to filter a lot of information.

Well applied filters allow you to as well track the amount of money spend since e.g. the beginning of the year, helping you to keep an eye on your budged.

Data field and reference overview

  • Date requested
  • purchase request number – PR
  • purchase order number – PO
  • ticket nr.
  • purchase status
  • budget ID / capital expense reference / CER
  • GL Account
  • Credit Card (yes/no)
  • charge to department shows also the department number if set
  • requestor shows also the requestor department number if set
  • vendor and vendor nr. (to quickly have it at hand to use in your ERP to process the internal PR and PO)
  • approver and approved date
  • PO Req. to Purchasing date
  • PO to vendor date
  • total cost (calculated from items on the order)
  • notes
  • references to
  • Notes
  • Items – sub-table
    • part-number / SKU
    • item
    • notes
    • quantity
    • cost per unit
    • total cost calculated automatically
    • purchase item status
    • received date (will auto-fill if empty and item is marked as received)
    • tracking nr.