IT-Admins Tool – Domain Users

This will read the domain-users from you Active-Directory, based on the LDAP-filter you might have set on the configuration-tab.

To read the users from Active-Directory click on . While the reading is in process, you can still use the application and execute other tasks.

Only 1st Level information

Select  to read only direct group-memberships. This will increase the reading-speed but show you less information like sub-groups or hierarchy information.


Click on either “Export User-List” or “Export Users and Groups” to export the currently shown data.

Export User List

This will only export the columns and rows shown in the table into a .CSV file including the column headers.

Export Users and Groups

This will export columns and rows shown in the table into a .CSV file, additionally it will add columns at the end to export 1st Level group-membership information. Those will be repeated in the export till all of them are exported.

XML Export

This will generate a structured .XML file that will export all levels of available group-membership information. The .XML file is more complex than a regular .CSV export and is easier to process in other applications.

Detail information for the selected row


Shows you in which groups and sub-groups the selected user is a member of. The according information will be shown in a tree-view.

Additional details

Please see the following pictures to get an idea of what is shown in the additional details.

Note: A special highlight is the “Hierarchy” register card.

The hierarchy will only be shown if it is set in Active-Directory. Please see “Manager” field in Active-Directory for more information about this. The currently selected user will be shown in “blue”, depending on who reports to him and whom he is reporting too, you will see levels above and underneath him as well.