ITAM – Certificates

Certificates are a vital part of your security and functionality. They can be used in a single system/instance or in multiple systems and instances. They are sometimes hard to monitor or even realize they are there.

We all heard and probably suffered through these occurrences when certificates expired, and systems went down. It is worse if it is outside and customer facing, but even if it is only internal, it does not look good for IT ever.

This is why you need to document every certificate you have, and reference where it is in use. The IT Assets Management Database CMDB helps with this vital part of your configuration management and documentation and reminds you as well on the main page about expiring certificates.

Available fields and references

  • Active – yes/no
  • Friendly Name
  • Subject
  • Issued By
  • Signature Algorithm
  • Description
  • Serial Number
  • Thumb Print
  • Expense – related to this certificate for renewal purposes
  • Valid From and To
  • Thumb Print Algorithm
  • Additional DNS Names
  • Enhanced Key Usage
  • Public Key
  • Related objects like servers, infrastructure devices and webservers
  • TAGs
  • Notes
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  • Record history