ITAM – Main Page

The main page is displayed when you open the application. Depending on the user rights you will see none to all of the lists shown in the sample screenshot. Some of these lists can be modified in the settings as well, as per how many days before the warranty ends etc. – see Settings for more details.

All of the line items can always be double clicked to directly open the referenced object.

  • Assigned Projects
    • Any projects which the current user has assigned and their current status
  • Assigned Project Tasks
    • This is independent from assigned projects, as tasks within a project can be assigned to other users as well
  • Expiring warranty for Servers / Infrastructure and Other assets
    • Dependent on the warranty ends settings in those assets
  • Upcoming Expenses
    • Expenses that are due in the set amount of days
  • Ongoing Purchases
    • Purchases and/or their line items that have not been marked as received or completed
  • Workstations to be replaced
    • Shows workstations that need to be replaced soon or are overdue
  • Unfinished Checklists
    • Any checklists that aren’t finished yet
  • Due Reminders
    • Reminders can be auto set to be finished, for reminders that are not they will appear in this list
  • Unresolved Incidents
    • Incidents that are still ongoing
  • Loaners
    • Loaned out devices that are still marked as loaned out
  • Links
    • Defined links that are available to this user based on their link access level
  • Expiring Certificates
    • Certificates that will expire soon and need attention