ITAM – Release Notes

Update Instructions

  • Take a backup of your current database
  • Download the latest ZIP file
    • extract the files
    • remove the flag “This file came from another computer and might be blocked to help protect this computer.” flag in the properties of the .EXE files
  • Run the CONFIG utility
    • Adjust the connection settings
    • TEST the connection
      • if a database update is necessary, the application will inform you and take the necessary action
    • SAVE the connection settings
  • Enjoy – 9/2023:

  • Performance update – this update focused primarily on the application performance. Especially with lots of data or working e.g. via VPN you will feel the smoother loading of modules and navigating between data records. – 8/2023:

  • WMI research
    • Logical Disks and PNP Entities (devices) are read in and available for Servers, Workstations and in research.
  • In Workstations, if a PO number is available and no PO date or Replace on date was set, the system will try to find the PO and set the PO date and relative Replace on date accordingly during the record saving process.
  • Minor updates and bugfixes – 2/2023:

  • WMI research
    • includes a new right, so make sure to hit the “rights” button per user in the settings to add the new modules and restart the app to see them.
    • Under research are three new modules that allow you to dig in to WMI related data. This data is only available if WMI scanning is enabled.
  • Checklists template items sorting – this is a new button that allows you to reset the index number of the items to 100 increments automatically. This makes it easier to add new items in between.
  • Checklist Scripts had a bug with CMD files in certain circumstances these where not executed due to text-quotes, this was fixed.
  • Creating new Matrix related checklists did not work as expected, this was corrected, and all templates are shown correctly now.
  • Minor updates and bugfixes – 1/2023:WMI Research

Various bugfixes and improvements, like the following:

  • Proxy ability for the online update check in Settings
  • Windows Service resource handling has been improved, the focus was on the RAM – various changes have been made so that the service uses less RAM and CPU, especially when idle. This should also improve that under some circumstances the service tended to grab all available RAM.
  • WMI multithreads – you can now configure how many threads can run simultaneously in Settings
  • Some WMI reading issues have been addressed
  • LDAP Sync attribute ProxyAddresses – this field is now read sorted from LDAP, the initial sync after the update might show a lot of changes, but this avoids in the long run that minor sorting changes constantly report false positive changes of this field/attribute.
  • New application users are now created with a button new, this avoids all the prior issues while creating additional application users. See Settings for a more detailed description.
  • IP related MAC addresses can be easier set from the source system (e.g. Server or Printer), for this a button Set MAC was introduced that provides a list of MAC addresses of the device. This allows for more detailed documentation, easier changes and also using the field information to write reservations to DHCP, see Checklist Templates for more information and a sample PowerShell script. – 12/2022:

Minor bugfixes – see below:

  • Printers did not open when SNMP scanning was activated
    • this only happened in some countries due to a date-format issue
  • WMI scanning did not write the HDD size back to the Workstation
  • Trying to run the system on a blank database failed, due to an issue in the configuration of the first initial user while opening the application. It got stuck on showing the splash screen. This was fixed and is working again. The issue did not affect any existing installations and was first introduced with the last update due to a minor change there. – 12/2022:

Besides a bunch of bugfixes (Thank you for anyone that reported any) there are as well a bunch of improvements, like the following: – 9/2022:

Due to many requests and obvious a high need, I added a feature that lets you save the column settings like width, sort-order and visibility on a per table view. This works everywhere where the column selector (upper left button next to the search boxes) is available. If you wish to save the changes and re-arrangements you made, simply click the button and then click OK – you will be asked if the current settings should be saved as default user settings. Please be aware, this works on a per user-basis.

Resetting the column settings in the same dialog resets them back to the system defaults as well. – 9/2022:

Added the option to enforce WMI scans on Workstations and Servers. This will bypass the deployment status as well as the Auto-WMI flag and attempt to scan the system as soon as possible. Please be aware, this is only available if WMI is enabled in the Settings.

LDAP sync already provides an enforced sync if you use the new button in either Employees or LDAP Groups, thought I mention as a reminder, as some people asked about it.

Various minor updates. – 7/2022:

Using the letter C in various drop-down fields did not work as expected, this was due to a coding error. Thank you for the reports. This was corrected. – 4/2022:

This update advances the Windows service, not only was the error handling improved, it now also has a Service Log available under research. This log allows you to see what the service is doing and also determine if it is still alive or not to some extend. Please set the appropriate Service Log right on the user account under settings in order to access this new module.

Bugfixes include an issue where SNMP reported 0 instead of the correct SNMP OID value for printers and an issue that could keep the force LDAP sync active, leading to a constant LDAP sync. Further was there an issue with sending out LDAP change reports, this was corrected.

Minor bugfixes and corrections. – 4/2022:

Starting this version, the CONFIG utility will perform any necessary database updates. This was incorporated back to updates starting version

You now can use the F1 key or the various HELP buttons throughout the application to directly open the Online Manual.

An issue with wrong LDAP groups shown in the Employees module was corrected.

The IT-Admins-CMDB-Server.exe can be started from a CMD / Command Prompt with while adding the parameter “-console”. This is done to allow to find out where any possible issues starting the service etc.

Assigning a Printer to an IP Address did not obey the MAC address of the printer. This was corrected.

Minor bugfixes and corrections. – 4/2022:

Besides various smaller bugfixes there was a push to make some of the input fields bigger to fit the various needs.

The Settings are now visible in the Windows taskbar as a separate window and there is now a distinguished name selector in the Settings to select the DN for the LDAP synchronization.

Further is the module LDAP Compare back that used to exist in the Access database version. This allows you to check the computer entries in LDAP against what you have in the database and their current status. – 4/2022:

While update successfully fixed the issue in Settings, it caused the IT-Admins-CMDB-Service to not start, due to a version conflict. This update fixes this. – 4/2022:

Small bugfix for Settings / Users – the button RIGHTS did not appear and settings rights to new users caused errors.

Initial release: – 12/2021:

This is the initial public release of the IT Admins CMDB application. The version number 4 is due to this being the replacement of the IT Asset Database project that is now out of support / End-of-Life and was last released as version 3.x.

Details to any future releases of this new .NET version of the Asset Management and Network Documentation solution will be published here.