EOL Asset DB – Departments

The IT Assets Database was replaced by the IT Admins CMDB and is EOL / End of Life, no further development will be done on this project.

While departments is one of the simplest lists in the whole application, it actually relates back to quite a bit of important data.

Departments have only a few editable fields, the name of the department and a department number – if you have one – for the most part.

The whole purpose of departments is to be able to assign and filter assets and expenses per department, if applicable.

Other Parameter – this field can come in handy for e.g. Checklists – use a SQL query to select a department, this field can hold e.g. LDAP Group names or other additional parameter that you might want to use in a script – your SQL query would be something like this in the checklists:

You can see relations to employees, workstations, servers, printers, purchases and expenses and set tag relations on top of it.

Data field and reference overview

  • Department name
  • Department number
  • Description
  • Other Parameter – see above