EOL Asset DB – Monitors

The IT Assets Database was replaced by the IT Admins CMDB and is EOL / End of Life, no further development will be done on this project.

Monitors are kept very simple. You can enter similar to workstations a unique asset tag, some very basic purchase information and the size of the screen.

As you can see in the screenshot above, you can see where a monitor is assigned. To remove the assignment, you would need go to the workstation module – where you can filter for the workstation or monitor asset tag.

You can even use the PRINT ASSET LABEL button to quickly print information for the asset and attach the print-out to e.g. an workstation that is sitting on a shelf while it is available. This label will hold the most important information like the Asset Tag, Deployment Status, basic hardware information and serial number. This helps a lot to identify systems on the shelf while seeing the most important information right away. This is especially helpful for monitors – nor more guessing the size of the screen :-).

Data field and reference overview

  • AssetTag
  • Purchase date / PO / ticket
  • Retired date and reference
  • Deployment Status
  • Screen size
  • Make / Model and serial number
  • assigned workstation
  • Status notes / tags and long text notes
  • Confirm it exists – an ongoing inventory function