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Databases are easy to overlook in your environment, while they are an essential part of your network and user experience. While systems grow, there will be more and more databases all around and they are often overlooked or not documented at all or missing details and relations. We all came by databases we couldn’t identify and clearly say if they are still in use or not.

The Databases module relies on Database Status, TIR level and Backup Type, which you can configured in the IT Assets Management Database settings.

You can provide information on which server the database is hosted, details for the database server instance and how the whole database is backed up. Here you also can say which server is executing the backup. This is necessary, as e.g. SQL Express editions do not have a SQL Agent that could execute the backup, you either need to engage as SQL backup script or you have another full SQL Server with Agent configured to execute the backup on this SQL Express database. Most important is, you do the backup and you document how it is done.

There is a separate area to document the backup for transaction logs as well.

Paessler PRTG is mentioned here as for backup monitoring. You can rename the field in case you use another monitoring software.

Available fields and references

  • Database Status – see settings
  • Database TIR – see settings – self defined TIR levels
  • On Server – hosting server
  • Instance Name
  • Database Name
  • Database Engine
  • Database Engine Version
  • CPU Architecture
  • Compression Supported (by Engine/Instance)
  • Database Description
  • Backed Up – yes/no
  • Backup Schedule
  • Backup Type – see settings
  • Backup Software
  • Executed by Server – server that is executing the backup
  • Backup Compression Enabled
  • Backup Job Name Path – Name of the job or Path to the script
  • Transaction Log Backup
  • Transaction Log Backup Schedule
  • Sub Folder per Database
  • Backup Target Path
  • Backup Clean Up definition
  • PRTG SQL Monitoring
  • PRTG File Monitoring
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  • Notes
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