IT-Admins Tool – Release notes – December 2022 – Bugfixes

  • While reading LDAP Users in, a memory overflow could occur when groups are wrongly encapsulated in Active Directory, meaning Groups where members of Groups that where members of the original Group ending up in an endless loop. This is now prevented by maximum group level read in of 100 – any deeper encapsulated groups will be ignored. – April 2021 – big-fixes

  • LDAP has a result limit – this can be as low as 1000 or higher like 10000 etc., what caused the tool not to display all possible results. This was addressed so that all results are loaded now. For more information also see the blog entry about the LDAP MaxPageSize.. – April 2020 – updated .NET FrameWork

  • .NET FrameWork was updated to version 4.8 – March 2019 – bug-fixes and additional LDAP Domain User fields

  • NTFS ACLs, if you used a UNC path the context menu options Open in Explorer and Copy Path missed one of the leading backslash symbols
  • NTFS ACLs, the export to Excel weather for the TreeView (context menu) or the ACL export missed the leading backslash
  • Domain Users now reads the following two additional Active Directory fields
    • employeeNumber
    • departmentNumber
    • Background: For any audits that you do – there is always one challenge – who is this – how can you identify the user against an employee list, respective HR-Records? If you fill those fields e.g. with a PowerShell script, when you create the user or once you clearly identified it, you can easily create a relation between the HR-Record and the actual Active Directory user. Both of those fields are not limited to numbers, they are both alpha-numeric. Active Directory provides them already for quite a while. Still, there is no default input-box for them – you actually need to look at the attributes to even see that those fields exists. – November 2018 – fixed another bug related to long path names and NTFS ACLs

The last release two days ago still had a bug related to long path names and the NTFS ACL investigation. This was fixed and seems to work fine now. – November 2018 – Changed NTFS ACL investigation to long path names and minor bug fixes.

The NTFS ACL search of the tool now bypasses the long path name issue as well. I actually had the weird issue that a file in a to deep sub-folder all of a sudden caused an issue so I finally bypassed this.

Further did I find an issue with the EXPORT STRUCTURE feature (right click) of the NTFS ACL reader that caused to many columns. This was fixed as well.

And finally the copy path had under some circumstances to many \\ – this might still be an issue in regards to UNC paths – but for the most part it should be better now. – August 2018 – Added generic search function for files and folders

Had to bump it up to .NET Framework 4.7 to be able to use .NET APIs to bypass long path issues in the recently implemented search. The directory investigation will still fail on it and report issues – but the search will actually bypass this issue and therefor be more valuable and reliable. – July 2018 – Added generic search function for files and folders

A generic file and folder search was added due to a request of someone. This allows you to do quick and easy search and shows you even where access was denied and not possible (e.g. long path names). – Jan 2018 – First public release

This is the first release that was posted on this website.