ITAM – Toner-Inventory

Printer supply issues like no toner are one of the most visible issues to end users and they also can get pretty unhappy about such a situation right before an important meeting or worse causing issues on the manufacturing floor.

This is why an on-hand toner inventory as well as other supplies like waste toner container and staples are so important. The CMDB allows you to put in Printer Supplies and assign these to printers. Depending on how many printers you have using the very supply, you can define a should be amount.

These supplies also can be tagged with a shelf code, so you can quickly find the right toner.

You now can assign a regular task, engage the reminders, to your team to check the toner inventory, using a print-out list and then updating the database with this information. Once this is done you can simply filter for anything in the needed column that is greater than 0: >0

Order the missing toners and supplies and mark it of your list of things to take care off.

Available fields and references

  • Supply – read only in the inventory – see printer supplies
  • Inventory user – read only – current application user
  • Inventory date – read only – current date/time
  • Inventory count
  • TAGs
  • Notes
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