Printers depend on the printer models. You can define a printer name that should be unique, and additional SAP name – or simply secondary name for the same printer if needed, select the model and define the location of the printer.

Further can printers be attached to a contract that you chose from your expenses, assuming it is a leased or serviced printer.

Due to the fact that you can add multiple MAC addresses, you can assign IP addresses in the IPAM for e.g. a wired and wireless interface, those would show up here. If you have IP addresses showing up, you can actually double click it to have the web-interface opened in your web browser.

Further can you add some basic meter read information, in case you want to track them based on POs or Invoices. This does not tie back to anything, but allows you to keep some track and the information possibly could be used to generate some graphs later on.

Incidents show up for the device, if an incident was added to a printer you could see what happened or was serviced on the device.