ITAM – Monitors

Monitors can be assigned to either workstations (up to four) or servers (up to two). In the table you can see where a monitor is currently assigned too.

You of course can track some basic information as well as more specific data like the size and the deployment status.

Further can you see where the device was previously assigned and e.g., if it was referenced with any incidents.

It is also possible to print asset labels with basic information about the device so you can tape them to the monitor on a shelf and be able to quickly identify it.

Available fields and references

  • Active status
  • Deployment status – can be defined in settings
  • Asset Tag
  • Make and Model
  • Size
  • Serial number
  • Purchase Date, PO number reference and ticket reference
  • Retired Date and Reference information
  • Status Notes
  • Ongoing inventory through confirmed seen by user and date – must be an application user
  • Incidents
  • previous workstations and servers
  • TAGs
  • Notes
  • Created on and by
  • Last edited on and by
  • Record history