Expenses are something most IT departments have to deal with. They will influence your yearly budged planning and might even need attention way before they come up, if they even come up automatically – meaning you would need to a have solution in place that actively reminds you on them.

The IT Assets database can help you with this.

A rather simple structured Expenses module allows you to add and monitor your expenses. The data entry is designed for most cases and doesn’t need you to re-calculate yearly costs, rather then the database showing you your yearly total amount directly in an field under the table. This field Annual total will update depending on your currently shown rows – filter for all active expenses and you will see what your yearly operating costs are.

There are sub-table for expense types, expense codes and expense terms, while only the expense terms are pre-set and the factor in the pre-set is used as multiplicatior to calculate the annual cos by multiplying the amount of licenses times the renewal cost multiplied by the expense-term factor that is chosen.