EOL Asset DB – Printer models and supplies

The IT Assets Database was replaced by the IT Admins CMDB and is EOL / End of Life, no further development will be done on this project.

Printer models feed back to the printers as well as to the actual toner inventory via the printer supplies. It is important to understand how this works and to set it up right.

Add a new printer model while providing the make and model. You then add supplies to those models. Supplies are a sub-table and allow you to enter the following information:

  • Supply name
    • could be toner and/or the color of the toner
    • a drum or empty toner box or simply staples
  • Supply code
    • this is important – sometimes various models of the same printer use the same supply code, you still add the same supply code to all those models
  • Vendor
  • Shelf code
    • this should be the same shelf code for all supplies of the same type, assuming it is used for multiple models
    • you simply should label your shelf’s / cabinets or where ever you store on site toners and define short-codes / short-names for them
    • this helps to do the inventory, know where a certain toner remains etc…
  • Status Notes
  • Min. in stock amount
    • this is set only by one model – the highest set minimum value will be used to calculate what should be in stock in the toner inventory

Data field and reference overview

  • Make
  • Model
  • Status Notes
  • Supplies as a sub-table
    • active / inactive supplies
    • supply name
    • supply code – might be simply the product code / article number
    • vendor – where you normally order this from
    • shelf code – position where to find this
    • status notes
    • minimum in stock amount – for toner inventory