IT-Admins CMDB

This project was developed from an IT-Manager / System-Administrator and looks at the topic of Asset Management from a real-world point of view. After years of development in .NET, the new and advanced version of the IT-Asset Database is finally here.

The free IT Asset Tracking and Management Software is self-hosted in-house and not cloud based. It allows you to track your assets without using any agents while simply engaging WMI to query the status of workstations and servers, SNMP to communicate with your printers and eventually just relying on human input as any good old and simple asset management.

Checklists are a huge part of this solution, as they allow you to standardize and streamline your daily tasks while engaging even PowerShell scripts and partly automating processes.

Another big part is the history tracking of every entry within the system. You can review how the record changed over time and what happened to it.

Active Directory change monitoring and reporting just completes the system, allowing you to keep an eye on things without much effort.