ITAM – LDAP Groups

The Active Directory synchronizations will make LDAP groups available automatically. This module makes them accessible, provides insights and allows you to execute Checklists on them, TAG them and add further notes.

All groups in this module have to come from Active Directory. The new button lets you choose between executing a PowerShell script to create a new group, see settings, or to enforce the CMDB Service to synchronize as soon as possible with Active Directory to make new groups visible.

You are able to see group members by type, this also means you could create Checklists that actually influence these members and e.g., remove certain members for the currently selected group or make sure another certain action is taken on all those members.

Available fields and references

  • Name
  • Common Name (cn)
  • Display Name
  • Group Type
  • Distinguished Name
  • Managed by
  • Info
  • SAM Account Name
  • When Created
  • Mail
  • Object SID
  • Proxy Addresses (mail addresses)
  • Description
  • When Changed
  • Removed Date
    • If the group is not seen by the LDAP synchronization anymore, this date will be set, and the group will be marked as been removed.
  • Members
    • divided into Users / Computers / Groups / Other objects in LDAP
  • Matrix Entries
    • entries in the Matrix that reference this group
  • Checklists
  • TAGs
  • Notes
  • Created on and by
  • Last edited on and by
  • Record history