IT-Admins Tool – FAQ


Is this software free?

Yes – you can use it in private or commercial for free. You can not resell the software in either parts or as a whole. The copyright remains with me and so does the right to change the software from a free product to a sold version. But as of now, it is free and will remain so for the foreseeable future.

Does the software need any installation?

You do not need to install anything. The software needs Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 or higher to be executed (it might be possible on older .NET versions as well). The program it self runs without any installation on a client or server.

Is there any warranty or guarantee that the software works flawlessly?

This is a free software program, use it at your own risk. There is no guarantee that the software works as expected or is free of any failures, nor is there any warranty for it. The intend of course is, that this is working as expected. If you find a bug, please report it via the contact form and I will see if I can fix it.

Why is there an expiration date?

The program will expire – this is simply due to the fact that I want to make sure you always use the latest version. You can always come here and download a newer version or at least a version with an updated expiration date. The software does not do any online version checks, at least not from my code (can’t speak for the .NET framework itself).

Are administrative rights needed?

No, for the most part any user can execute the program. This is because any user normally can read Users/Groups/Computer/Contacts from an Active Directory that he has access too. The same is true for the file system, as long the user has the right to read folders and their permissions/settings. Of course, for NTFS rights and deeper investigations, you might need a user account that has the right to read all folders with their rights and settings.

Does or can the software write back anything?

No, this is a tool that will only read Active Directory data as well as NTFS folder structures and permissions. There is no write back to anything, it is only reading the data.

Will the program need a Internet connection?

No, this software does not need a Internet connection. Neither does it report back to me anything that you read from your Active Directory or NTFS.

What if I think the software has a bug or does something incorrect?

As mentioned before, there is no guarantee that the software works flawlessly. If you think there is a bug, please use the contact form on this web site and report the bug so I can investigate and remove it.

What is the EULA config file respective the IT-Admins Tool.cfg?

When you start the software you will see a end-user license agreement (EULA) that you need to agree too. In order not to bug you any time your start the program, it will ask you if it is okay to create a IT-Admins Tool.cfg file. This file as of now holds simply the version number of the program file you executed and compares it. If it is the same version in the CFG and the program itself, it won’t show you a EULA notification again, if the both differ, it will show you the EULA again (there could be changes to the EULA in a future version, making this necessary). Now, you can decide if it is okay to create the IT-Admins Tool.cfg file in the current directory, you can delete it at any point in time or decide to proceed without creating it. The purpose of the file is only to bug you less with the EULA and avoiding to write in to the registry of any system for this sole purpose. To see the EULA again, you can click on ABOUT and review it there or you remove the file and start the software again.

Can I run multiple instances at the same time?

Absolutely. I personally do this all the time, e.g. to read from various trusted domains or just to not interfere with what I read earlier – e.g. a directory check on a specific path and now I need to quick check another path but I am not done with what I did in the other read. Just open another instance – nothing will interfere.