ITAM – Incidents

Incidents are not meant as a replacement for your Helpdesk Ticketing system. They are meant to document incidents and the systems they have been related too.

This can come in handy when a system has the third exchange of a motherboard, and you need to pressure the vendor to have it fixed proper now or documenting certain abnormalities like systems bluescreening and you see it happens with a certain vendor/model only. It also can help to simply documenting changes that had to be made to systems and documenting their evolvement and history.

There are many ways you can make use of this module, it of course does not make sense to overcomplicate things, but you can use it and there are those days when it absolutely pays off to document this extra information.

Available fields and references

  • Vendor
  • Date Called
  • Date Resolved (closed)
  • Incident Number / RAM / Reference with the Vendor
  • Assignee – technician working on this
  • Ticket Nr
  • Incident Folder – for additional files and information
  • Issue Reported
  • Resolved Action – what eventually was done to resolve this
  • Involved Assets
    • any CMDB entry type that was related to this incident
  • TAGs
  • Notes
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  • Record history