EOL Asset DB – Project tasks

The IT Assets Database was replaced by the IT Admins CMDB and is EOL / End of Life, no further development will be done on this project.

In order to further help tracking the progress of a project or defining the steps that need to be done, project tasks where implemented. A project is assigned to an user, by default every task in the project will be assigned to the owner of the project. But you can assign tasks within the project to other users to spread the workload.

Tasks are calculated to a percent complete progress for the project – meaning in the project it self you can see how many tasks are there, how many are completed and the resulting percent completed value of the project.

It is not necessary to use tasks, but it can be a huge help e.g. in migrating users or tracking and accomplishing single steps.

You can import tasks from a simple text file, each line in the file will create a new task in the project.

In the SysConfig you can define if you can import tasks once one or more tasks exist, or if you only can import tasks once.

As you might use tasks in the database and assign them to your users, you might also need to create according requests / tasks in your ticketing system. To simplify and streamline this effort, you can further assign employees, printers, servers and/or workstations to the task and generate an ticket email. This will by default try to use the employee (LDAP sync) email address as sender, if not available or set, it falls back to the assignee (application user) and then to what you have set in SysConfig as last resort for the sender.

The idea is simply, your ticket system identifies the sender as create of the ticket, therefor it will try to create the ticket as the employee or assignee to give them according credit or “charge” them back for the task.

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