ITAM – IT Supplies

Every IT department always has to have certain things at hand, might it be projector bulbs, USB Hubs, SSDs, special cables – you name it.

Because of this constant need, you also want to keep a good inventory at hand. The IT-Supplies module was born out of this necessity. It lets you define all these IT-Supplies and categorize them as well as set a minimum amount that you should have.

Do a quick inventory online or use the printout sheet to be more mobile. Then just filter for negative amounts and order what you need to fill up your stock.

It’s a pretty easy and straight forward part of the IT Assets CMDB, and it can make a huge difference in your IT departments efficiency and end user satisfaction.

Available fields and references

  • Active
  • Supply Name
  • Category
  • Part Number
  • Location
  • Current Amount
  • Should be Amount
  • Order Source Vendor (free text, not dependent on Vendors module)
  • Description
  • Inventoried by and date
  • TAGs
  • Notes
  • Created on and by
  • Last edited on and by
  • Record history