ITAM – Projects and Project Tasks

One of the challenges in IT is to track the ongoing and pending projects. There are constantly new tasks coming up that are beyond regular helpdesk tickets, things that are on a to do list and will need to be addressed. The purpose of the Projects module is to help you with this.

You can create new projects and put them in a “queue”, prioritize them and track their progress – partly automatically with Project Tasks. Projects can be assigned to users of the application and will appear on their main page. They can be prioritized with various values; purchases can be related to them.

All of this gives you the ability to queue projects and tasks as they arise, come up. Track their progress and see which currently released projects your team is working on.

Available fields and references

  • Project Number
    • auto generated
    • prefix can be adjusted in the settings
  • Project Name
  • Released Date
  • Disposition – values can be defined in settings
  • Ticket Nr.
  • Assignee – must be an application user
  • HW/SW – is this related to hardware, software or both
  • Priority – values can be defined in settings
  • Priority Sort Order – numeric sort order
  • Completed – manual value of how much the project is completed
    • there is a calculated value in the list/table above that depends on the tasks and how many of them are completed
  • Current Status – values can be defined in settings
  • Qtr. to Complete – target quarter of the year e.g. – free text
  • Budget – how much budget was planned for this project?
  • Notes – short notes field
  • Project Folder
    • You can create and access a folder from here in a defined path, see settings for the projects folder root path.
  • Scope
    • This should be a more defined description of the project and its scope, more than just the project name/title.
  • Project Tasks
  • Purchases – any referenced purchases
  • TAGs
  • Notes
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