ITAM – Expenses

Contracts, maintenance agreements, recurring costs of various kinds all are considered Expenses. You can enter them into the IT Asset Management Database / CMDB and even related Purchases to them.

Depending on their expiration date, you will see them appear beforehand on the Main Menu so you can make sure you get your renewal quotes in time, and you can execute a purchase request or any other steps necessary to take care of this expense.

It is also a great tool for budget planning, as you quickly can see the annual expenses that you need to plan in when the finance department asks you for your budget planning.

Printers are very common to be leased and having contracts / expenses assigned to them, but also things like certificates that can be costly and DNS Zone hosting costs can be directly related to expenses.

Available fields and references

  • Active
  • Budgeted – simply for you to make it easier to filter around
  • Expense Type – see settings
  • Expense Code – see settings
  • Vendor
  • Product / name of the expense
  • Accounting Number
  • Support Phone
  • Billing Phone
  • Contract
  • Description
  • License Amount
  • Terms – see settings, this calculates the Total cost with license amount and renewal cost
  • Renewal Cost
  • PO Number – partly obsolete as PO’s can be directly related
  • Ticket Nr.
  • Purchase Through – partly obsolete due to vendor assignment
  • Begin Date
  • End Date – this will determine when it will be shown on the MAIN module
  • Website
  • Account Representative
  • Renewal Email contact address
  • Support Info
  • Notes
  • Purchases related
  • Printers related
  • Certificates related
  • DNS Zones related
  • TAGs
  • Notes
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