Printer Management EOL – Download

System requirements

  • Microsoft SQL 2008 R2 (Express or full version) or newer
  • Microsoft Access 2016 x64 – if you want to use the Access front-end – this is not mandatory
  • Windows 7 or newer (Windows 10 works just fine) – Windows XP might work as well

Please keep in mind – this is a free open source tool. You can use and modify it as you want – I do not claim any copyrights on it – you will use it at your own risk.

Version – differences:

  • Version 1.0 is simpler, it works very well for simple migrations and avoids a certain overhead.
  • Version 2.0 is advanced, it includes all features of version 1.0 additionally it does this:
    • Windows XP and earlier – special redirection to different print servers if wanted
    • User to printer – connects a printer every where a user logs on (follow me)
      • including separate printer for XP
    • Computer to printer – connects a printer to every user that logs on to a certain system
      • including separate printer for XP

Version 1.0

Version 2.0