Printer Management EOL – Reviewing the log

The Log is a rather simple SQL table. It combines the User-Name, Computer-Name and Printer-Name. It further will show the CURRENT status of the printer config and the CURRENT redirect.

Last but not least there is a real log event that you can see as well – the Log Notes column. This column will tell you what the script actually tried to execute, if any.

Please note that there always will be only one line for a User/Computer/Printer entry – so the log entry you see is always the last. You can not view previews entries – this is by design in the VBScript and avoids that the database grows to extreme. You sure can change this to your liking, but this is how it works by default.

Log Notes – standard entries

  • empty
    • nothing was done
  • printer delete attempted
    • indicates that the script tried to remove the network printer object
  • printer replace attempted with
    • ‘\\server\printer’ 
      • if server\printer is there – it actually tried to replace it with the indicated printer / connect to this printer
    • – replace printer status is remove or delete – deleting this printer as fallback method
      • if the line ends like this – the replace printer was marked as to be replaced or deleted – the script falls back to delete the mapped printer
    • – no replace printer defined
      • and if you set the status to replace but forgot to put in a replace-with printer, you will see this… Note: the original printer was already deleted in this case as by the default behavior of the script