IT-Admins Tool – Generic search functions

Generic search functions

Within the software are several tables that will show data. Most of those tables give you the ability to search for specific values within each column. You are also able to show/hide columns as well as to re-sort them.

Various export-functions allow you to export the data depending on you current filters, column-sort-order and shown-columns.

Column Selector

On the very top left of any table you will see this little button . Click on it to open a column-selector like shown in the picture.

Select a column and re-order it with the buttons on the left (top, up, down, bottom).

Check-/un-check  columns to see/hide them. Please note that you need to select the column first and then click the checkbox to change it. Alternative use the cursor-key’s on your keyboard in combination with you space-bar to change the check-status.

The button on the lower left will check/un-check all boxes. Use it to un-check all and only activate the columns you want to see.


The search-bar has a text box over each column, or a drop down field for more specific fields like yes/no true/false fields or date selectors.

In the picture above you see an examples of both of them. Some of the text boxes might even show an additional button that will provide a calendar selector, allowing to filter for specific dates.

The following list gives you some examples of the different search fields:

Checkbox columns:         Disabled, PWD expires, PWD is expired

DateTime columns:         Account expires, PWD last set

Regular Search Box:        PWD expires in (please see numeric column!) and first name, last name

Special Search Types and Columns

The columns “FirstName” and “LastName” are regular text boxes. Type in your search-text to filter the results. Use “%” (percent – without the “”) or “*” (wildcard / star) as placeholder in front or within the text to do full-text search requests. You do not need to add this symbol to the end of your search-text.

For the column “PWD expires in” refer to numeric and date/time columns for some special search types with numeric only columns.

Checkbox columns

Some columns are specified as true/false boxes. For those columns are drop down boxes shown. Set either true or false to search for set/un-set values or leave it empty to see both. In the example above those would be the columns “Disabled”, “PWD expires” and “PWD is expired”.

Numeric columns

If the column holds only numeric data (like “Password/PWD expires in”), you can use the following expressions to Search for the values within this column:

  • > more than
  • < less than
  • = is exact
  • >= more than or exact
  • <= less than or exact
  • <> is not
  • >0 would filter to values only bigger than 0
  • <>0 would filter to values that are not 0

Date/Time columns

Date/Time columns show the little button  on the right side of the search-box. In theory you could enter a valid date or either one of those prefixes and the date (“>” (after) or “<” (before)) to search within this column.

The easier way is to simply click on the button and a small calendar element will show up that will make this task way easier.

Select the type of search you want to perform (“date is”, “date before”, “date after”) and a date from the calendar and click OK to initiate the search.

Status Bar

Underneath the table you will see a status bar.

It will show you the row/column you have currently selected and how many rows and columns are currently shown in the table.