EOL Asset DB – Main menu

The IT Assets Database was replaced by the IT Admins CMDB and is EOL / End of Life, no further development will be done on this project.

The main menu is where you can go to all the different functions of the application. You also will see additional information in various tables here. Almost every single button / function or table is bound to a right within the application. If you remove a right from a user, the button and associated table will not be visible for this person. By default, the original install user of the application will have full rights and see everything.

The various buttons and their function is explained in the further chapters of this manual. I therefor will not mention them here again.

What is worth mentioning are the tables you can see. All of those tables can show data (depending on if there is something to show right now) and all of the rows within the tables can be double clicked and open the specific data-record to edit it.

All the tables will refresh in an 2 minute interval in the background, this means you always see more or less real-time and accurate information. You can force a refresh by simply pressing F5 as well.

At a maximum, you can see the following tables:

  • Currently assigned Projects 
    • those are projects that have been released to you – the current user of the application and are in the status active
  • Server & Equipment – device warranty ends within 90 days
    • the 90 days are configurable in Sys Config
    • this shows devices with a set warranty that will expire within 90 days or is expired
  • Upcoming expenses – within 45 days
    • the 45 days are configurable in Sys Config
    • this shows upcoming expenses that you need to take care off
  • Open / ongoing purchases
    • those are all not cancelled / finished / not received line items per purchase
    • this allows you to track what is outstanding right now
  • Assigned Project Tasks
    • those are all project tasks that have been assigned to you
    • you can have tasks from other active projects assigned – meaning you are not the owner of the project but one of the tasks
  • Due reminders
    • those are active reminders that have not been marked as finished
    • you might see only you own reminders or those of other users as well – depending on the application user configuration
  • Ongoing Vendor incidents
    • by default this shows ALL ongoing tickets with Vendors
    • you can change this to only show your own tickets in the Sys Config
  • Important Links
    • depending on an access level system this will show you links visible to you and lower access levels
    • you can double click a link to open it in your browser
  • Unfinished checklists
    • all checklists that have not yet been finished
  • Workstations that need replacements
    • default 30 days in advance – see Sys Config
    • workstations that are due to be replaced soon