ITAM – Links

Ever wanted to have a collection of Links available to all IT members so they have a central location and can be managed centrally – even based on their role level? That’s where the links module comes from.

The simple need of having links centrally management and available to point to all these administrative websites, to those special UNC paths you might need daily or even opening a website with the good old Internet Explorer, as it is only supported by this specific Browser and so on.

Links are not restricted to Weblinks, they can be about anything that you can execute.

You are able to create groups and make sure certain links only appear for upper-level users, like Helpdesk, System Administrators and Management. A higher level will always see lower-level links as well, but lower-level users will not see higher level Links. This is all controlled in settings on the user as well as in the list-based configuration for Links in settings.

The Test-Button lets you quickly test your link to make sure it is working as expected.

All links appear on the MAIN page, depending on the access level set for the user and on the according link.

Available fields and references

  • Active
  • Access Level – see settings
  • File or Program
    • check if this is NOT a web link
  • Link
    • a website / URL
    • mail address with mailto:
    • program path and parameter
  • Description – shown as title on the main page for this link entry
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