Monitoring Shadow-Copies with PRTG

This was originally posted here by myself:

This is my solution for it – we monitor specific drives we enabled for shadow copy and wanted to see amount of shadows, newest should be within x hours and oldest should be at a minimum n hours – those limits can be configured with the limitations rather easily.

Main issue is – we talk about WMI modules that are only available in x64 if you use a x64 system. Now PRTG is executing sensors in x86, even thought it is installed on x64. Now, played around a while and came up with this simple solution.

Parameters for the parser-script (the one you need to execute) are: %host C: %host D: etc.

Parser script, needs to be in EXEXML directory: Name: Get-ShadowCopyStatsXMLx64parser.cmd

PS1 script, should to be in EXEXML directory – if not, adjust path in parser script: Name: Get-ShadowCopyStatsXML.ps1

PS: yes, the PS1 could be further optimized, but it took me already a while to find out the main issue was the x86/x64 combination, what is not possible – see Microsoft articles in MSDN/KB for more information while the Shadow-Copy WMI modules are only available in x64 on a x64 system.

Hope this helps others with the same challenge 🙂