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Using PowerShell for Text-to-Speech

Using PowerShell for Text-to-Speech

PowerShell can be used for TTS / Text-to-Speech. In this specific example, PowerShell will be used for Paessler/PRTG (www.paessler.com) text-to-speech notifications. It will actually run against a remote-system in this scenario in a central NOC/Network Operations Center room and announce down sensors/systems. This was originally posted by myself on https://kb.paessler.com/en/topic/79674-can-we-have-the-ability-to-set-audio-notifications-when-sensors-go-down-up.

You simply create the script in the path C:\Program Files (x86)\PRTG Network Monitor\Notifications\EXE and create a new notification for it.

The parameters should be configured like this:

-TargetComputer ‘COMPUTER123’ -Device ‘%device’ -Name ‘%name’ -Status ‘%status’ -Message ‘%message’

Replace the COMPUTER123 with what ever client should play the sound – in our case this is the workstation that shows the MAPs on a TV and the sound actually comes out of the TV.

You might need to enable remote power shell execution on the target system, a hint for this is the following command: Enable-PSRemoting -Force

Here is the script file: Name: PRTGtoWorkstationText2Speach.ps1